Incred Money Investment Review | Incred Money Bonds

Today in this Guide we are learning about Incred Money Investment Review. So you will learn how to Earn 9-12% Interest Per Annum with Incred Money Investment Platform.

What is Incred Money Investment Platform

Incred Money platform is an alternative investment platform that offers you all the secondary market bonds or NCD IPOs. And here you can easily get the rate of interest from 9% to 12% in comparison to the fixed deposits of the bank. Apart from this, they had started MCD in the beginning but currently it is also offering Debt Bond and NCD (Non Convertible Debentures) IPO.

And this is a SEBI regulated platform, so there is no problem here, absolutely you can trust this platform and their bonds are mostly listed on the stock market.

And the best thing about this platform is that if you buy bonds from other platforms then you cannot liquidate there but the special thing about this platform is that whatever amount you have invested, the person can easily liquidate it through this platform and bonds can be liquidated at any time.

Incred Money Corporate Bonds Review

On Incred Money Investment Platform its offering 2 Type of Bonds for the Retail Investors –

  1. Incred Money NCD IPO Corporate BONDS – It is known as Non Convertible Debentures. When an equity IPO is launched, if any company wants to raise money from the market through the debt market, then it simply issues its non-convertible debentures. And the good thing inside this for the retail investor is that a minimum investment of ₹ 100000 is required and the allotment will be to the person who applies first and ‘A’ category bonds should always be considered also the financial performance and profit of the company should be checked out.
  2. Incred Money Secondary Market Corporate Bonds – These bonds are also like IPO but the big investors like Institutional investors subscribe and after that they sell them to the retail investors in the secondary market and can invest a minimum of ₹ 100000 in the secondary market bond and  The credit rating is triple the same and the financial background of the company should also be checked.
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Alternative investment opportunities for incred money

Currently, some such investment products have been launched on Incred Money in the last 2 months and it is expected that they will launch more products in the coming days.

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Incred Money in market linked debentures (MLD)

Incred Financial Services Limited is a market linked, cataloged, safe, redeemable, principal protected non-convertible issue of debentures (MLDs) having debt characteristics as stated below. Please review the appropriate offer, article /private placement memorandum for the specific money linked debentures for details along with the risk factors of the MLD at your own responsibility.

In accordance with the guidelines for Issuance and listing of structured products/market linked debentures issued by SEBI on September 28, 2011, Incred Financial Services Limited has appointed CARE Ratings Limited as the third party has been appointed rating agency for these MLDs. 

Let us explain it better in simple words when you consider investing money in bonds or the stock market, you have these 2 options:

  1. The investor can invest his money in bonds and get fixed predetermined returns during the investment period.
  2. An investor should invest money in stock markets where he can see the possibility of higher returns but at the same time keep in mind that there may be higher risk also.

Benefits of Incred Money MLD Corporate Bonds :

  1. Issued by Incred Financial Services.
  2. Guaranteed return of 14% on minimum maturity and the time period will be 2 years
  3. And there is no risk in investing.
  4. You can invest minimum up to ₹ 100000 and maximum as much as you want.


Whenever you make the decision to layout an alternative investment product, do your homework and take all the information to understand the depth of the product and the risks associated with it and ensure that it is within your limits or with your financial goals.Change is the law of nature and in the ever-changing financial world of India, Incred Money can be a good option as an alternative investment platform where one can get access to a variety of alternative investment products at one place so sign up and stay updated on the upcoming alternative investments and keep subscribing to learn about investment opportunities that they keep launching.