HDFC Sky App Review Charges Brokerage vs Zerodha

In this article, we are going to discuss HDFC Sky app review charges and brokerage etc. If we talk about its brokerage charges, HDFC Securities has upgraded its website and has launched a dedicated website in the name of HDFC Sky.As we say that banks are very secure where a person can keep his shares or securities, then should you open a demat account with HDFC Sky and we should know all these things that what will be its brokerage charges, what will the interface of the app be like.

HDFC Sky Charges [Account Opening or AMC]

If a person opens an account in HDFC Sky, then charges are zero because the bank is not charging any fee for account opening, but non-discounted brokers always charge account opening fees.

Apart from this, if we talk about AMC fee, it is absolutely free of cost for the first year. After that the monthly charge is ₹20 that means Rs 240 plus GST charges will be your AMC fee here.

HDFC Sky App Brokerage

HDFC SKY App charges are 0.10%, if we talk about discounted brokers like Zerodha Co. then these charges are around 0.03%. But if we compare with Zerodha, then 0.10% and all the leading discounted brokers, they either do equity delivery free of cost and if free of cost delivery is not done then the ratio in that case remains only 0.03%.

HDFC Sky vs Zerodha

If we compare with Zerodha then HDFC’s sky charges are Competitive.

And if we talk about equity delivery, here the delivery charge will be ₹ 20 or 0.10%, whichever is less.

If we talk about currency or commodity, then in future also the same ₹ 20 or 0.10 % or whatever less charge will have to be paid. And even in the option you will have to pay ₹20 for an order.

Apart from this, payment gateway charges also have to be paid which is a very strange thing.  Yes, if you make payment through UPI then you will have to pay charges but those who provide demat account service generally such charges are not required to be paid, but HDFC Sky app is charging 0.5% for UPI and charges of ₹ 9 have to be paid on net banking.

Also, the same rule is applicable on Intraday also.  Charges of ₹ 20 or 0.10% or both, whichever is less, will have to be paid.

After this, if we talk about Traders who deal in futures, then the same charge is ₹ 20 or 0.10% or whichever is lower. And in the option, order charges of ₹ 20 have to be paid.

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HDFC Sky Mutual Fund Charges

As we know there is no pricing on mutual funds, but here if you have a demat account then the mutual fund rates in the demat account will be credit, but here regular mutual funds are offered and you may get less annual return because the agent’s commission is also there and such commission also goes to HDFC Bank, hence those brokerage houses do not normally offer direct mutual funds.


If we talk overall then this app is average, but if we talk about pricing or brokerage then it is still not able to compete much with any leading discount broker. But yes, anyone who believes in the services of HDFC Bank and wants to trust India’s largest bank for the long term can definitely go with HDFC Sky.